Yep. I’ve done it again!

” I think we have created a monster!” Is what someone might say if they knew this shy, unassuming guy who had some skill with words and a camera yet was too shy to share his creations with the world was now establishing his … GASP!! … THIRD BLOG!!

OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit on the shy and unassuming part.

I have had a photo site “in development” for some time. Even have a link to it somewhere over there ← (or if you are really curious you can click here). It is a kind of cool site if ya like special effects. But there are a few drawbacks. Little option for feedback. No way of tracking, difficult to update (if fun to play with), and apparently very slow loading. So to brazenly share my skill with a camera (if in fact I actually have any skill with a camera) I am now also starting a photo blog on WordPress called Thru My Eyes (as was the other site), I will frequently post decent photos, old and new, on a regular basis. And maybe when I get enough pics there I will be able to steal my own pics off the internet for use on my other blog posts!

So if anyone out there wants the pleasure of a thousand words without having to read a one (soooo much less effort that way), take a peek over at:

thru my eyes

expressing life through the power of photos

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  1. Last September I added 4 more blogs to the one I was doing. Hasn’t been any real burden since I usually only post once a week on those four and I’m happy I did it.

    Maybe you should check out the A to Z Challenge to promote your blogs more. You might especially be interested in the video challenge we are starting for the lead up time to the April Challenge.

    Have you heard about the A to Z Video Challenge?
    Blogging from A to Z

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