Written without a brain.

Is it bad that I am starting to tell the days of the week by what I am writing? A new 100 Word Challenge is out … must be Monday!

I have actually been working the brain out hard for a few days now, and it is getting a little sore and cranky. It is saying “Steve! Not again! Give a guy a break!” Upon reading the newest challenge, the brain got up and stalked out saying, “That’s it! I am outta here for a couple of days!!!”

So seeing as the brain has left the scene, I decided to try writing something until the poor guy gets some rest and is ready to tackle it on his own.

This week’s prompt – use at least one of these:

…the powers that be  /  the apple of his eye  /   the writing on the wall…

The phrase does not have to be used but it must be clear which one it is about. Back to the 100 word limit too.

This is what I … sans brain … managed to come up with:

It seems the powers that be have once again deemed it necessary to challenge a brain or three. And they have come up with a nifty challenge! But this brain is tired and can’t seem to formulate a creative thought at the moment. Nothing just jumps out and says, “Write me!” However the owner of said brain knows himself well, and can read the writing on the wall. A piece will no doubt be written eventually. It may not be something he would call the apple of his eye, but it might turn out to be worth a read.

This will have to do until my brain returns!

0 thoughts on “Written without a brain.

  1. Brilliant Steve! Sorry about the absentee but with writing like this you’ll be ok for a few days without him. I do love your introductions to your pieces as well as the texts themselves! Hope you enjoy the space that his absence will give you!

  2. There must be something about absent brains somewhere in the King James version… “The man without thought is like unto a…”, probably in Ecclesiastes or Proverbs, I expect 😉

  3. Hey, you stole my idea! 🙂 I was going to use all three! Well, no matter, still got time to dream something up on Fri/Sat. Wonder if anyone else will try it? Good one Tao

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