Word power as it should be used

I recently made The Vow. This was a necessary step in my reawakening to a world that I have done my best to hide from in recent years. I am taking The Vow seriously, but I found that I am still lacking something. It is all well and good to devote myself to living MY life, but there is a certain … arrogance and selfishness to that alone. More is needed before that Vow rejoins me with the rest of world.

Namely, a sense of purpose.

I have not written much in recent weeks because in this season of self-reflection I am finding my words hollow. Words are beautiful things, but for them to be truly effective, they should be calls to action, not just and excuse to avoid action by describing it. And that is what I have fundamentally been missing. Action.

Like everyone else, I am an amalgam of unique experiences that make me capable of doing what only I can do. Be me. Only I can use the skills and experiences I have learned to the best effect of  being me. This me that can also do something powerful. Affect the world around me. By doing. Not just talking about it.

I have not been doing. Time to start.

Lo and behold, the Universe, that has been waiting for one more soul to finally wake up again, laughed a glorious laugh, shouted “About time!” and …

… handed me an assignment.

Via an article in the local newspaper pointed out by my mother.

There is a local school that is attempting an amazing thing. It is attempting to teach a willfully blind world a simple lesson. To remind stubborn humanity to learn from its mistakes; to remind humanity of the wonderful creatures they can be if they just allow themselves to be.

We live in a world where intolerance is still rampant; a world where the bullying is the preferred method for achievement; a world where mistrust rules. Why? Because we as humans refuse to remember; refuse to admit that we make some horrible mistakes; refuse to learn from those mistakes.

This school is trying to remember that which should not be forgotten in what to me is a profound way. They are attempting to collect one stamp for every victim of one of the most horrific events in recent history. And event that shows the extremes that humanity is capable of; the depths of darkness they can fall to as well as the bright shining pillars of hope that they can be. These stamps will eventually be made into collages and works of art to help people remember; to remind us of lessons that should never be forgotten.

This is a rather long-winded introduction to the

FRCS Holocaust Stamp Project.

This is something I truly can get behind. Because it teaches a profound lesson, and will affect so many souls in an amazing way. By opening their eyes. I am fully intending to contact the founders and see how I can help make this project a success. But for now I am using one of those tools that I have some skill in using, and putting out a


My readership is not huge. But I do have the eyes of a few who do have quite the following, and they are linked to others. So I am asking for a favor. If you are sick of the rampant intolerance that tears our world apart; tired of bullying and mistrust; take a look at this little project of young students who actually want to learn, want to change things. And not only look, but spread the word, and even help make it happen.

11 MILLION STAMPS is a lot of stamps. Just like 11 MILLION LIVES lost for no good reason is a lot of lives.

Spread the word. Not just because a fellow blogger requests it, but because it is a valuable word that needs to be spread. There is a profound message here, and one well worth sharing with the world. And what a beautiful way to share it!

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  1. Came by here via Lisa’s blog. This is an amazing project and I’d be happy to help out! The school can expect some canceled Canadian stamps shortly! 🙂

  2. Do you know about the six million paper clip collection from Whitwell Middle School in Whitwell, TN, a rural town of 1600 whose population is mostly white and Protestant? There is a book about their project to take the six million paper clips and create a Holocaust Memorial that sits in an old railroad car in front of the middle school. Apparently the paper clip was a symbol used by the Norwegians to show solidarity with their Jewish neighbors during World War 11. The book is published by Kar-Ben Publishing in 2004 and is entitled, SIX MILLION PAPER CLIPS. I like the project you sited because it includes the other five million people, non-Jews, who also were exterminated because they did not fit in with Hitler’s idea of a superior Aryan race. Thanks for sharing

    • I think that was part of the inspiration for this project. And one I would gladly have supported as well. Thanks for the info about the book. As you say, I like the fact that this time they include the other 5 million. They are too often left in the background.

  3. I have strangely mixed feelings about this. It would be extremely unreasonable to question that humans have done terrible things to other humans, and that people need to be reminded, and that victims must not be forgotten. But I question that “awesome projects” involve collecting millions of stamps or paper clips. Surely someone who send five bucks to the Save the Children Fund does more good than someone who sends a million stamps to this project?

    • I hear what you are saying. But sometimes understanding and comprehension is more important than funding. There are still many who deny the Holocaust ever happened. And it is questionable how much we have learned from it since we have genocides going on today that the world still manages to hide from. These projects take much time, and provide many with a true understanding of what the numbers mean. Most cannot truly comprehend what 11 million actually represents. The project has been going for about three years so far and they have only managed about 300,000 stamps. At that rate it would take them over a 100 years to finish it. So it gives perspective. A five dollar donation may cause more direct “good” but it is also easily forgotten. Just my opinion of course 😀

  4. Visiting from Lisa again. I am very excited to say that I have an envelope of cancelled stamps in my drawer just waiting for a home. They’re going in the mail today! Thanks for the call to action and for sharing this project on your blog. All the best!

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