Yesterday I was standing in a crossroad, determining what path I wanted to take.

Today I am now formally taking my first steps along this path.

I still don’t have a clue where the path will lead, but I am on it. Though there are a few vague ideas floating around. The self proclaimed objections to me being a writer are of course still fresh in my mind. But it is now my duty to step away from my fabian ways, and confront the self placed obstacles head on!

When I did my usual random old post of the day pick, I came up with this particular something I wrote a while back. If that is not the universe saying “Go for it” I am truly blind!

Seems I may have more of a clue of the path that I first thought …

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  1. I’m in such good company, and have a feeling that someday soon I am going to be able to brag that I know many authors. I have no doubt that you will be one of those many I brag about. Hopefully, if I can pull my head out of my ass you can say the same. keep the faith, my friend. I have to. It keeps me alive.

    • Have to admit from personal experience that the view from one’s own ass is not a very enlightening one! I too feel to be in amazing company. But it does not surprise me that like minded people will find each other somehow. That is the way of the world 🙂

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