What do I believe?

Some parts of my core belief systems are hard for others to understand. Whether it is a failure on my part when trying to explain, or they simply don’t see it, it can be frustrating. But a FB friend of mine recently pointed this video my way, and beyond it being an amazing demonstration of human skill, it is essentially a physical  representation of what I believe. I am not sure it will clarify for anyone who does not already get it, but I wanted to share anyway. It is worth a watch, whatever one my get out of it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “What do I believe?

  1. Not sure if I see the same as you, but I get a very strong sense of everything being very ‘finely balanced.’ This is how the world works and how we teeter upon the edge every day. Something like that. Very hard to put into words. Such a beautiful act, I have shared your blog post on Twitter and FB. A thoughtful blog post as always x

    • That is about as close as words can get it yes. It is also a demonstration of how one small action can have a very profound effect. Thanks for the kind words and the share 🙂

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