Waves on my serenity

My mind is troubled today.

Troubled in the way of a placid lake on a windy day. There are waves on my serenity.

Apparently I think differently than most people. I tend to think in patterns, when most are focused on details. Because of this, I have a holistic view of reality. I believe everything is interconnected on some level. Even if we can not perceive the connections, they are there. Sometimes I sense patterns that I can’t fully define. When the pieces of the pattern are obviously connected, then a little focused thought will probably reveal the pattern to me.

Not so when the various pieces are, on the surface at least, not connected at all.

Waves on my serenity.

A new pattern beckons to me.

Some of the pieces:

In the writing a smaller pattern emerges. Hmmmm.

There are more pieces. Some too ephemeral for me to even describe. The pattern is there. I sense it. There is an indistinct yet definite shape beneath the waves.

Yet it eludes me. I sense its importance. To me at least. But I, like everyone (and everything) else am also just a piece of The Great Pattern. So maybe important to all.

My mind is troubled today.

There are waves on my serenity.

Photo by Steve Kramer

0 thoughts on “Waves on my serenity

    • You may recognize it when you see it. I think it intrigued you a bit 🙂

      Only too glad to point folks your way. You have so much to share!

  1. Okay, Steve, now I have to thank you for yet another brilliant comment! I swear, you should write a post about the circus as metaphor! Amazing insight, my friend!

    • I was kind of thinking that as I was writing the comment! It sort of felt like I was writing full fledged post. Maybe the seeds for tomorrows creation!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Hang in there Steve. I have endured many waves on my own pond over the years and things will always work out in the end. Wishing you smooth waters and peace ahead!

  3. Oh, I know the waves more than I care to admit. Thank God for the natural ebb and flow of things. Rougher times always give way to peace which prepares you for the rough that might sweep back in. The important part is that it always flows back to peace… Always. Hang in there, and thank you thank you for appreciating my nonsense 🙂

    • There is usually much wisdom to be found in so called “nonsense”. You my friend, are one very wise woman (and damned funny too!). Thank YOU!

  4. I think it’s all waves, really. You have your highs and you have your lows, but you just have to remind your mind that. Remember, it can always be worse and the grass eventually always is greener (Thanks, Spring.) 🙂

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