Very odd Village (a Very odd V post)

This post may rank up there with one of my oddest creations. It is serving multiple purposes, not the least trying to get my mind back into the groove of actual creativity again. First it is my V post in the A to Z challenge. V seems to bring out my more zany side (couldn’t think of a word like zany that begins with V) as can be seen by my V post from last year.

This post is also my entry in this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. In an effort to give us poor souls a break after the last few weeks of seriously challenging us, we are given a seemingly straightforward prompt :

….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you….

Ironically, I seem to have more difficulty with the straightforward prompts then the more involved ones. For one it is difficult to do my trademark shift of meaning when it is a simple statement. But I banged my head about for a bit and came up with this bit o nonsense:

Walks Up Stairs Two At A Time tiredly returned to the village. It had been a very busy day. Wears A Big Hat always seemed to assign the hardest tasks to him. And usually the farthest away too. Building There Is A Whole In The Roof’s barn had been hard work! Walks Up Stairs Two At A Time was ready for a nice rest. Of course there was one of Wears A Bigs Hat’s minions approaching, no doubt with a new task. To prevent further work, Walks Up Stairs Two At A Time spoke first. “No more assignments please! I’m exhausted Shut The Door Behind You!

0 thoughts on “Very odd Village (a Very odd V post)

  1. I was expecting something along the lines of Nobody, Anybody and Somebody, but I can imagine that would take ages to craft. You can obviously imagine a world where every person is called a catchphrase instead of a name – probably at the top of the Faraway Tree! Weird, yet sublime.

  2. Quite a thoughtful piece…took me two readings to follow smoothly but we haven’t played word games like your names bring to mind for a long time. Great job!

  3. I love those names! You could create a whole village full of them & it would be such fun. I love the ‘minions’! Thank you for sharing that muddle in your head Steve!

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