Uncomfortably comfortable

What exactly am I doing here?

That is the question I seem to be asking myself all the time these days. I am caught in a loop. Why am I doing what I am doing? For that matter, what exactly AM I doing? And why do I keep doing it if I don’t know why I am doing it in the first place?

Every life is a series of habits. Sometimes the habits become so ingrained that we dont’ even recognize them as habits … they are simply the way things are. Have you ever seen someone do something like brush their teeth and wonder why they are doing it THAT way? It is different then the way I do it so it is wrong.

Habits can be comforting. Habits can make the day go by smoothly. Habits can take the tedium out of the tedious; ensure that the daily needs are met.

And habits can be dangerous.

I am not necessarily referring to things like drug habits … though that is an obvious example of their potential danger. But sometimes the everyday habits we  all slip into have their own kind of danger. Habits have a way of numbing us; of convincing us that there is only one way to do things.  They often fill us with a pseudo comfort level that is very seductive, making change very difficult. And when the habits become so ingrained that we lose sight of the fact that they are habits … when they become simply the way things are … we may not even recognize what might be holding us back from change … if change is desired.

So many I have crossed paths with recently (including myself), especially in the blogging world, have expressed the desire to change their lives. Yet so many (again including myself) don’t seem to know how to do it. We all search for that amazing job; the lottery ticket; the great piece of inspiration; in short some big path altering event to take us wherever we want to be.

Yet can’t find it.

I think maybe part of the problem is we are aiming to high.

Maybe the key to changing the big things is to start with the small things. We need to watch ourselves closely. See what we are doing on an every moment level. Identify the habits that have become ingrained. And then change them.

For instance how DO we brush our teeth? What pattern do we use in the shower (I guarantee there is one). Which shoe do we put on first? Once we have identified these, try consciously doing it differently. Repeatedly until it becomes a new habit. And then change it again.

The key to change is a willingness to be uncomfortable for a bit. But if we try to do wholesale change all at once the discomfort threatens to be overwhelming. Painful even. And this frightens the comfort level we have … even if it is an uncomfortable comfort.  Maybe the trick is to ease ourselves into it.

The true irony is I know this will work. I have lived it. Sadly I forgot.

I picked up some bad habits.

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  1. I can definitely relate to a lot of what you’re saying. I do think that most small habits can be good and very practical in that they save time over all. Allowing the habits to set in allows me to focus on other things. Not that it’s been helping me that much, but my biggest problem is not developing some useful patterns of habit that will work more in my favor as far as finding a good job or striving toward dreams that are yet unfulfilled.

    But maybe focusing on those smaller things in life could be good mental exercises. Maybe I’ll have to try some.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    • That’s really the point. It’s not so much changing everything, but recognizing what has become habit, and then change that which isn’t really all that productive.But by practicing on the inconsequentials, maybe we can learn the habit of changing habits 🙂

  2. For some, the only way to change and break out of our comfort zone, is to have something thrust upon us. I had many bad habits as a younger person, thinking this is how my life was to be, then an unexpected situation arose.
    Parenting is life changing. Did me the world of good.
    Great, thoughtful post.

    • Sometimes the awareness is thrust upon us yes. Then it is basically a clear cut choice. Especially if not changing might affect others. Sometimes times though, the habits that are working against us might be small and hidden. Could be as simple as how quickly we get out of bed in the morning. Thanks for the input and reading! Glad you enjoyed 😀

  3. I like this and agree with you. I have found that the discomfort in your comfort has to reach a point where it is almost intolerable, so that changing something is really the only option.

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