They call it life I think

Tomorrow is considered a beginning by many, as today is considered an end. Personally I don’t see how that is different than any OTHER two days, but that is just me. Whether it actually starts and ends something or not, my future is definitely one that is all about newness and change. I am embarking on several journeys, or one that is taking many forms. Beyond the path for spiritual wholeness, I am also exploring a path of personal purpose, and life change. Ironically, all of these paths (or this multifaceted ONE path) involve an actual PATH (i.e. The Appalachian Trail that I have been shouting about all the time lately). For those who manage to duck all of my personal “advertising”, check out here. For those already sick of hearing about it … sorry guys! 🙂

Considering all of this, today’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is perfect. Especially since I have not participated in forever, and I think it was on hiatus for a few weeks too. The prompt this week:

…the path ahead …

How could I resist doing something with such a wonderful prompt? So here is my attempt … I hope all enjoy!


I open my eyes, and find myself on a trail.

This is no ordinary trail. It is neither clear where it starts, nor where it will end. And that is not the only curiosity. The trail itself is constantly changing. The path ahead seems to grow obstacles, and split off in many different directions, yet if I move along the trail and look to the path behind … all the twists and turns are gone. The path behind is clear and straight. But if I try to follow the path backwards, I am unable to move.

What a curious trail.

Forward it is.

4 thoughts on “They call it life I think

  1. Lovely! your openness is refreshing and the wisdom you pen is a great reminder. I knew a fella who walked the entire trail after the death of his wife…both life altering experiences. May your journey be blessed and, as you know, forward it is, one step at a time. 🙂

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