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So I stubbed my toe today.  Really hard. Now since I am often in sandals … well let’s just say it hurt.  A lot.  As I was working up a really creative set of curses to shout out in the odd belief that cursing makes stubbed toes feel better … well I had an epiphany.  One of those epiphanies that makes you stop in place and just say: WOW!  It dawned on me that the toe I stubbed was on my right foot, which just so happens to be on my right leg (go figure).  And my right leg happens to be the leg that I crushed several years ago in a freak car juggling accident (a story for another day).  Now here I was vigorously stubbing a toe on a leg that once was so damaged some thought I would be wheelchair ridden.  My curse creation stopped short, to be replaced by a profound sense of gratitude.  After all, I was actually able to stub that toe.  What a wonderful thing!!

Ironically,  my epiphany caught me on one leg (since I was hopping around in the stub toe shuffle), resulting in me falling forward…landing directly on the stubbed toe again.  The curse creation … recently put on hold,  suddenly reached award winning levels.  But epiphany remained!

Life is funny sometimes.

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