The key

I asked a wealthy man “What is the key to happiness?” And he answered “Money!” as he swigged his Pepto Bismol.

No, that doesn’t seem right.

I asked the well known actress “What is the key to happiness?” “Fame!” she cried over her shoulder as she ran from the Paparazzi.

Nope. Not seeing it.

I asked the athlete “What it is the key to happiness?” He groaned “Winning!” and limped on into the physical therapists office.


I asked the family man “What is the key to happiness?” He looked up from signing the divorce papers and said “Marriage and a good family!”

I asked the devoted mother “What is the key to happiness?” She despairingly said “My children!”.

Doesn’t seem to be the answer.

One day I walked by a park bench and saw an elderly gentleman about to sit on the bench. He moved very slowly and was obviously in a fair amount of pain as he sat. He was missing one arm, had very shabby clothing, and was apparently blind. But he had the most beatific smile on his face. So I asked him “What is the key to happiness?” He pointed his head toward me, and as his smile brightened even more he said “Choose to be!”

Understanding at last!

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