The Carol of the Smells

Now that I have dealt with the unexpected bit of emotional dross dredged up by this weeks prompt, it is time to roll up the sleeves and do some creating. I guess more antacid for the soul was called for. To remind, the prompt is to adjust a favorite carol to the theme of Christmas dinner, while keeping rhythm and pace intact. Without having personal experience to draw from I am definitely relying totally on imagination here, but that is not actually a new thing for me. This is probably not the best thing I ever came up with, but it had to be done! 🙂

Based on The Carol of The Bells:

Hark all the smells, 
sweet yummy smells, 
all seem to say, 
food’s on the way

The guests are all here, 
bring me a beer, 
you’re too young to hold, 
please make sure it’s cold.

Come along to The House of Wong 
where all others get along 
eating Duck Peking
all chopsticking.

One seems to hear 
words of good cheer 
from everywhere 
filling the air.

Oh how they pound, 
good food all around, 
the food will not go stale, 
I feel like a whale.

Gaily eating 
and also laughing 
sounds of good cheer, 
Dinner is here.

The food is very yummy, Yes Yes! 
The guests are very chummy, Yes Yes!

Food without end, 
fun without end, 
bring joyful tone 
to every home.

Even if the House of Wong!

Click here for some actually good ones!

0 thoughts on “The Carol of the Smells

  1. Thanks Taochild for the link – I was going to google it afterwards as I also hadn’t heard of it. Love the break from traditional turkey with all the trimmings. A very ambitious carol to choose but it works. Well done.

    • That’s funny. It is one of the most played (and commercialized) carols in these parts. Never thought it would be so obscure. But I am glad I was able to make it kind of work (even if not really all that traditional a meal ha).

    • Guess on top of everything I also just got a lesson in popular culture. I picked this carol because I thought it was unique but well known. And it is one of my all time favorite seasonal tunes! Must be a local phenomenon. Makes it tough to appreciate if no one knows the carol haha. But thank you!

    • It is a running joke in these parts that that is what Jewish folk do for Christmas dinner. I am not sure we ever did, but many Chinese restaurants ARE open haha

  2. I’m having my 60th birthday at a Chinese restaurant next month!! I don’t know this tune but you are not the only one to use it so I suspect it is one from your side of the pond maybe. Thank you so much for stepping up to join in this festive silliness. It is such fun & I do really appreciate it! xx

    • As I said a lesson in popular culture. It is so used in these parts that many do not even know the name or that it has words, but everyone knows it. Was bit of a surprise to realize it is actually a local phenomenon. 😀 And as always the opportunity to is appreciated!

  3. Good choice, this is one that I would have picked, had I read last week’s prompt properly. For those not familiar, I wasn’t either, but knew that every time I heard it, I loved it – it appears in the first Home Alone film.

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