The beginning of a legend…

Rayson’s birth day set the path.

It was not that he was born under a certain star.  Or that great omen’s happened when he arrived.  There was nothing unusual about his actual entrance into the world.  His mother went through the regular pain of childbirth, but was none the worse for wear afterward.  His father reacted as any father would.  Yet the moment of Rayson’s birth still guaranteed that his life would be one that stood out…one that would  change the world.

For the moment of his birth was a truly unique moment.    In the vast world around him, not a single other child was born at that same moment.  But the uniqueness did not stop there.  In that moment, there was no death.  No crime was committed.  There was no sadness.  Anywhere.  The numerous warring nations chose that moment in time to cease aggression, even if just for the moment.  Somehow, at that very instant in time, there were no negative thoughts; negative emotions anywhere in the world.  For that one moment in time, the whole world was truly at peace.

There was not even the hint of shadow anywhere when Rayson was born.

His first breath was the purity of true peace.  His first sound the unmatchable music of a pure world. His first sight the untainted brightness of pure light. All of this entered his unblemished soul right from the beginning, turning it into something that could not be stained. From the moment he first opened his eyes there was an amazing brightness that shown from them.  The glow was so noticeable that his parents thought it was if he was a child of the very rays of the sun, and so named him accordingly.

The next moment the world shifted back to it’s usual turmoil, and the shadows returned.  But the path had been set. One was born into the world who would change it forever.  The great seers saw this bright flash in the growing darkness of the future and were amazed.  For many, it was the beginning of hope.  For the dark shadow lords who were daily strengthening their stranglehold on good and light…it was the beginning of fear.

But for Rayson and his parents…it was simply the beginning of his life.  Little did his parents know what they had brought into the world.

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  1. Okay, some thoughts on the story I can see forming.
    1) (This could be flashback throughout your story) Rayson grows up in all innocence, but since dark powers are already aware of his existence, he should occasionally come across true darkness or evil, without really recognizing what it is. His parents, as all parents would, try to keep him shielded and protected from these incidents. Until, of course the time they can’t and one or both of them is killed (harmed) which changes Rayson’s life forever.
    2) Rayson is born in peace, and of peace, what happens when he has to face down darkness even if it contradicting his core of peace, is inner believe system? What will trigger him to fight? (This could be a core inner conflict).
    3) What caused that total moment of peace at his birth? Was it a god or something from the future? The passage, right now, sounds more fantasy, but could the dark shadow lords and the great seers be from a future they are trying to change? Could Rayson’s existence be part of some kind of bigger plan?

    I hope these thoughts give you some ideas. Keep working on this one.

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