Symptoms vs Source

I have already posted my S post for today. Yet I have another thought that I need to run with, and it so happens that it too can fit in the S slot. So two for today. But even without the A to Z challenge I would write this.

It seems several have been wondering “why blog?”. My sister (Woman Wielding Words) has been struggling with this recently, and she is far from unique in this. And I often ask myself the same question. New as I am to the blogging world.

For me the answer is this. I express myself best in writing. Wether it be creative writing or simple airing my thoughts, writing is the mode that works best for me. And for years I thought that simply writing things down was enough. It did not matter if anyone else actually saw it.

It took me a long time to realize I was simply hiding myself from the world.

Even if folk disagree with what I say, by allowing them to see it, I give them a gift. The gift of thought. By reading it their brain has to process it. And even if for only a fraction of a moment, think about it. And if that fraction actually opens a door, then I maybe have done something good. Or at least made an impact on another.

Funny, when I started writing this, I had a completely different topic in mind. Was actually going to rant on something. So let me reign myself in and get on with my rant:

In my mind, one of the biggest flaws in our society is that in our search for solutions, we focus on the symptoms of a problem instead of the source. We do not take a holistic view. Of anything. And I don’t just mean medically speaking. It is actually the general pattern of our culture’s thought process.

We have a headache or indigestion. Do we look for the cause and make appropriate changes? No we take a pain-killer or an antacid and just treat the symptoms.

Our economy crashes because of greed and selfishness. What do we do. Simply pump more money into the hands of the ones who screwed it up in the first place. Money that we don’t really have. Again. Treating the symptom (lack of funds) rather than the source (greed).

We have a social issue that affects many people. What do we do? Make a new ineffective set of laws. Again treating the symptom instead of the source. I could come up with a whole list of examples of this one, but the one that prompted this is the current rage in social change. Bullying.

An article in my local paper says that 1 in 4 kids experience bullying. It also stated that studies show that bullying is associated with violence at home.

Did it really need a study to realize this?

Recently a girl committed suicide as a direct result of bullying. Now her mother is trying to get legislation pushed through to make bullying illegal.

So the answer again is treat the symptom. With the legal equivalent of antacid. A new law.

Our whole society is designed to work for the bully. Corporations are the bullies of the business world. The rich and powerful are the bullies of the social world. Hell the US right now are the bullies of the political world. Is it any wonder that our kids have learned that the best way to get what you want is to be a bully?

Bullying is plain and simply taught to our children in the home, on the tv, in the movies … the list goes on.

So what makes anyone think that a new law is going to change anything?

Here’s a thought. Instead of just medicating again; instead of creating more laws that only bog down our already ineffectual justice system even more, how about simply teaching our kids how to behave. Set a moral example. If they don’t find it in the home, then offer it in the schools. Stop focusing on forcing bureaucratically designated “necessary” knowledge on our kids and actually teach them something they need to learn! Remember The Golden Rule?

OK. Rant over. This is why I blog. At least one reason.

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  1. I’m glad I finally made it to this post. I like and agree with what you said about bullying being learned behavior, and especially today I feel it necessary to say that I don’t mean that as a judgement that I want to impose on you. I’m just trying to communicate, and that happens to be what I think about the point you made.

    I’ve just now experienced bullying of a sort by someone wearing “sheep’s clothing’ who I can tell isn’t a bad person, and it makes me echo your wonder if your writing about it, Lisa writing about it, or anyone writing about it would actually do anything. Even learned experts have trouble getting helpful points across to those who can’t seem to hear them. I’ve been struggling for a while with the same basic point you and Xavier Rothechilde made about our society supporting the advancement of the bully. That’s thrown in my face every day as another unemployed person who’s not so good at selling anything, much less herself. (But I’m working on that.) Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. I want to keep talking about the things I think are important, too.

    • That is also a beauty of blogging. The chance of opening a dialogue with those who thinks similarly to us. I am glad you stopped by and found some sympathy with my words! As well as adding your voice too!!

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