Shout with me!

I want to be able to move the world!!

I want my creations to move people to smile; to laugh; to tears. I want to be able to make someone think. To make someone say, “Yes, that is it!” I want someone to see what I create and miss it when it is gone.

I know that I have some skill at putting words together. Also some skill at capturing an image. I do give pleasure. But do I truly move people. This I do not KNOW.

I am not asking for confirmation here. Just expressing my thoughts. I watched a movie based on one of my favorite book series as a child. Or even as an adult. The books used to move me that way. And now so did the movie. I am often a little depressed after watching a movie like that. Because it took me away; it brought me to a whole new world. And then it is gone. And I am back in my own, humdrum world.

I want to be able to do that to people.

I read what I write or look at a photograph I take. I might even like it. When I allow myself to not judge myself too harshly. I can say: “This is good! This expresses what I feel! ” But I cannot tell if it will have that effect on someone else. Because I am too close to it. It is an expression of the passion within me yes. But does that passion carry to others. I cannot know!

It suddenly dawned on me this is why I am writing right now. Not just to release what is in me. But also in the hopes of moving others with it!

I want to be able to move the world!!

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  1. You will never really know, unless you move someone to tell you. But, that can come at surprising times. One of my former students (from VT) quoted me back to me when I was having a really down day–and the quote she chose showed me that I moved her 10 years ago.

    • That would seem to be the way of it. And in one sense it is not really necessary that I know. If I know exactly what kind of reaction I will generate with my words, I might start writing for the audience instead of for the value of the words themselves. That could alter the integrity of what I am trying to say.

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