Time to let my hord of ravening fans (translation three very bored but kind people) know whats going on with my book … s. Yep I am still actually making progress on both of them. And a really weird thing is happening with both too. Seems I am actually liking what I am writing. I mean that is unheard of! usually takes about me a multi-year separation before I go back and read something and maybe acknowledge it is slightly ok. But I am actually liking these things! Go figure! Maybe I will have to post a couple of clips again to relief the boredom of the devout three!

Progress Reports:

Progress Reports:

  • RAYSON’S story
  • Previous word count:    42394
  • Chapter:     13
  • Current word count:      44263
  • Chapter:      13
  • GUSTY’S story
  • Previous word count:     21235
  • Chapter:      15     
  • Current word count:      22333
  • Chapter:      16

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