Plentitude of P

Today being P day in the A to Z Challenge, I find that I have Plenty of P words the I can Pick. Picking just one Presents me with Peculiar Problems, so I have Proceeded to Post about a few of the Possibilities.

PHOTOGRAPHY: This seems a Pleasant time to Plug my Photo blog, and I even Posted a P Post called Playing with Photographic Perception on there today (though the Photos are Pretty Poor).


PATIENCE: It seems I have little Patience for much of anything Presently. This may be Perceived in the Poor quality of many of my recent Presentations (including the Present Post).

PURPOSE: I seem to be Playing with ideas about the Point of it all again. I am being Plagued by Persistent thoughts on the whole Purpose of my Posting Posts, as well as Pursuing Projects that may Possibly be well Past my Potential.  It is all seeming Pretend. Perhaps I need to let it Percolate a bit.

PLANS: Probably I need to Plan my Pastimes more Perfectly. Presently I have no actual Path I am following. I Postulate Proper Planning will Present me with a firmer sense of Purpose. I have a Potential new Pattern to Pursue, such as Postponing Play until I have Properly Put work into Projects. Play well at not Persistently Playing.

PICKLES: I Presently seem to Perceive an unexpected Passion for a Pickle. Perhaps I am Pregnant?

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  1. Presently, I find myself perplexed and lacking perspective, as well as a sense of purpose. Perhaps if I eat more pickles I will find my path to perfection. I have pickles at present.

  2. Try the Clausen pickes in the refrigerator section of the grocery story. BEST PICKLES EVER! I’ve beein deep in a pickle passion for months! 😀 I think my husband is getting a bit jealous…

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