The grain of sand said “I wish I could be a pebble. Because pebbles are bigger and more noticeable. Who notices a single grain of sand?”

The pebble said “I wish I could be a rock. Rocks are bigger and more useful. People use rocks as tools, or for decorations. Pebbles aren’t good for much!”

The rock said “I wish I could be a boulder. Boulders are strong and heavy. They can’t easily be moved, and people don’t constantly feel the need to bother them.”

The boulder said “I wish I could be a mountain. Mountains see very far, and help define the land. My view is so limited and boring. And people don’t constantly deface mountains for no good reason.”

The mountain said “I wish I could be a grain of sand. They have the freedom to move everywhere, without being bothered. They can visit all the places I can see, and more beyond. A single grain of sand can cause an avalanche that could change the very shape of me. So small but so powerful and flexible!”

Which would you rather be? Or do we have to choose? How about being content with who and what we are?

These random thoughts brought to you from the mind of a infinitesimally small part of an infinitesimally large universe (which he himself contains).

Have fun with that last statement.

0 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Turns out the grass isn’t greener on the other side… all the grass is the same, you just need to look at it in the right light..

  2. First, Your little exchange with Lisa is about the greatest thing ever.
    Second-Tenth, I would like to be content as the smallest of small things or the biggest of big things. Contentment makes the difference!

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