OUCH! (based on a true story)

It’s that time again! Time to exercise the noggin in a creative way. Yes, it is time for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups! Of course this week only three parts of the title hold true. For today we are allowed 158 words, and there has always been doubt about labeling me grown up. But I digress. The challenge:  A dialogue involving the phrase … ‘Are you sure it should be that colour {or as we yanks spell it color}

The phrase brought back a memory that I already used in the first challenge I ever did (the April 2011 A – Z Blogging Challenge), so if you want all the sordid details click here.


OUCH! (based on a true story)

We both looked down at the bulbous mass.
What do you think doc?” I squealed.
Hmmm,” he said prodding. I winced.
You say a football did this?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
Yep. It was a perfect pass too!” I said sheepishly.
Does it hurt when I do this?” he said, squeezing.
I’ll take that as a yes. I don’t think it is anything you really have to worry about!” he said doubtfully.
But doc, are you sure it should be that color?”
I am pretty sure that it should in fact NOT be that color!” he said over a laugh, “but it is not a surprise considering what happened. Just ice it and everything should be ok in a few days. In the mean time take it easy!”
If you say so doc!”

0 thoughts on “OUCH! (based on a true story)

  1. nice!
    i’ve gone over and checked out the challenge. i’ll enter too if i can think of something to write. i’m color-blind, so that makes it tough!

  2. That sort of reminds me when I watched my first husband getting his vasectomy in the doctors office. I had no idea that what was inside looked like spaghetti, the doctor told me if I liked he could open it up more and show me the rest of it. My ex-husband’s head shot up from it’s position on the pillow, spouted off a few cuss words, at which point the doctor and I started laughing (of course the doc was kidding!). Funny, but the ex hadn’t found it that humorous. Hmm… Anyway, the doc told us a story about the guy who felt so good after his vasectomy because he was all numbed up that he kept a racquetball appointment he’d forgot to cancel. I guess HE swelled up like a soccer ball. Cool, huh? Ha..ha..

  3. I think there should have been a warning to women at the beginning too – I winced when I read it…..although I have to confess I did find it amusing too. Sorry!

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