One hundred (and fifty?) words …

It’s time for me to follow my own advice!

I missed last week’s 100 word challenge, even though it was a good one. So I am doing it this week as well as the new one. Two for the price of … well a little effort on my part.

Last week’s challenge was something to do with the alphabet. Here is my belated entry for that:


Already it Began. Carefully and Deliberately, Everyone Followed. Granted, some Hoped It was not a Joke. Keenly alert, Lost souls Moved forward. Nobody was willing to Overlook the Possibility that it was Quite Real. Some Talked of the Unbelievable Value of What was being offered! With Xanophilic vigor, they all began to Yell greetings. Soon the atmosphere was quite Zany!

This story-less story brought to you by none other then:

A Blog Challenge, Daring Everyone Finding it to Grow Heavily In Joyous Killer Letter Manipulation. Never Old, People Quickly Read Stories; Tales Undeniably Voluminous in Worldly and often Youthful Zest!

And now for the newest challenge:

The prompt is … the autumn leaves … and this time we have to do it in 50 words …


Fresh beginnings. Sensual stimulation. Life!
… and then the spring leaves.
Heated action. Growth, learning. Youthful energy. Life lives!
… and then the summer leaves.
Wisdom gained. Long memories. Life endures!
… and then the autumn leaves.
Passing on. Fading memories. Life ends!
… and then the winter leaves.

Back to beginnings …

0 thoughts on “One hundred (and fifty?) words …

  1. How creative with the alphabet, and I loved your poem about the seasons, interesting viewpoint you’ve written it from – most people write about what happens not what is left by the season. Kinda cool 🙂

  2. Enjoyed both of these- clever with the alphabet prompt. I didn’t want to use “leaves” as a noun either; but your poetic approach has worked really well. I echo the above responses in loving the cycle of seasons.

    • Would have done the alphabet sooner but I got lazy 🙂

      The cycle of life id s theme I have used before and fit so well here. As always the prompts food for the imagination!

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