Never too late! (100 Word Challenge)

Brain exercise time again!

“Embrace the Earth!”
That is what he said. “We cannot forget our home!”

Yet we did not listen!

Tears welled up at the wasted vista before us. Where had the water gone? The dusty breeze carried a twisted piece of plastic bag along the polluted barrenness. It skipped over a broken bottle here; a lump of undefinable … SOMETHING … there.

What have we done?

We found a patch of greenness. An unblemished island in the desert we had created.

I lay down and did as he told us.

Too late? But the Earth has life still!


0 thoughts on “Never too late! (100 Word Challenge)

  1. It’s definitely hopeful to visualize a patch of greenness on a manufactured floor! This sounds like a wonderful exercise to do, so we can learn to truly see the natural wonders our world holds, and how what we do to those wonders can hurt us all.

    “What have we done?” And what will we do?

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