Rhythmic sounds. Variety of tones. Beauty and dissonance. Emotional resonance. Music to my ears.

Colors. Bright and dark. Contrast. Visual stimulation. Movement. Music to my eyes.

Sweet and sour. Sharp and pleasant. Bland and startling. Various textures. Music to my mouth.

Pungent. Or maybe just a hint. Heady. Eye watering or mouth watering. Music to my nose.

Rough. Smooth. Harsh. Soft. Silky. Abrasive. Everywhere. Music to my touch.

Love. Inspiration. Connection. Oness. Seen but unseen. Music to my soul.

Ears. Eyes. Mouth. Nose. Touch. Soul. The music of Life.

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  1. I couldn’t survive without music – maybe should have put that as what inspires me as well. Beautifully written. I think it is actually the silence between the notes that makes the music, as also the silence between the words make the words.
    Congratulations on the inspiring blogging award. I don’t know if I actually acknowledged it right either. I get lost sometimes in the blogging world.

    • To me one of the greatest symphonies is simply to lie in nature and listen! It is easy to get lost in the electronic world of blogging. But it is also a world we create ourselves each moment 🙂 It is always noce to know that at least one appreciates what we have to say. Better yet if it happens to be more than one!

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