Mary’s tale

It’s that time again. After several days of doing more reading than writing, it is time to get the fingers (and brain) working again. What better way to start than with this weeks 100 word challenge. Enjoy!

Mary thought she could do it. No she KNEW she could. After all, it was in her blood. She gathered up her courage and went into her father’s study. Best to say it right out. “Da, I want to go to the Compendium!” she said, with a slight shake in her voice.

Her father looked up from the scroll he was reading. He raised one bushy eyebrow, his long white beard shaking with an explosive laugh. “Don’t be foolish Mary! Woman cannot do magic. Even IF you are the daughter of the first wizard!”

Mary intended to prove him wrong.

0 thoughts on “Mary’s tale

    • I almost used girls, but the implication is that her father (or the society) believes females can not do magic. Saying girls might mean he believes she could if she were older. Besides I was not sure how old she was 🙂

  1. I’d say shes about 17, she’s gathered up her courage to face him, so she knows what her dad’s like, an overbearing, arrogant (I’m a ‘first wizard’!) misogynist (but then maybe the whole society is conditioned to think that way?) whose no doubt accomplished *marvelous* things? And no doubt comes out with these comments on a regular basis! Hope he gets to eat his scoffs in front of the Compendium. Good luck to her! And to this story …:)

  2. So good themes could develop from this starting point. I wonder what Mary will do now? Enjoyed this as a beginning . . .

  3. Oh my goodness, there has to be another part to this! I can see a whole series. Move over Harry Potter! Thank you so much for branching out this week. Fabulous!

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