Living vicariously

I have a very adventurous soul.

Unfortunately these days it lives in a body that makes the average tortoise say “Dude why you walking so slow?” Adventure is to my current life as water is to a bucket with a hole in the bottom. So my only chance of a little excitement is to live vicariously through others, which requires actual contact with others on occasion, or visiting the Land of What If. Lately I have been spending more time in other people’s imagination than my own, so I am giving myself a good whack and doing imagining of my own … prompted by none other than today’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.

The prompt … use the following words: LIBERTY    EMPIRE    APPLE    YELLOW    ENORMOUS.

Hope my little adventure is actually adventurous …

A red and yellow glow surrounded the sun setting on the horizon. Layden thought that maybe it was actually beyond the limits of the empire … an almost inconceivable notion. And here he was, staring with wide eyes at the very heart of it. The city was enormous. His village would not even fill one block. Striker Malvant seemed unfazed, just munching away on an apple.

“Can we really do this?” Layden asked, a slight shake in his voice.

The old voice that answered was resolute. “We have to. We are the key to liberty. Failure is not an option.

Our destiny awaits.”

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  1. I would have been able to enjoy it more if the prompt words weren’t highlighted…that distracted me from the rest–which is really GOOD! 🙂 Someone else posted that the prompt words had disappeared into the writing and I think yours would have if they weren’t noted.
    I would love to hear more of this story, though…”we are the key to liberty.” Thats a huge responsibility…nicely done!

    • Highlighting the words does distract, but as you say they tend to get lost of not highlighted. Would be a good story to pursue … but also maybe a hard one 🙂

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