It needs to come out!

Sometimes one has a lot to say, but does’t have the words to say it. ┬áSo I figured I would just say it anyway. Here goes:

Afht thr oyufh hjfshg fhhf ,d et . dhgyt fgjgdjfhg vbyt!! ththtognt gh jkjoi asdet tiyo ak tyyuy ghri . Yfkjkgfkjfg gkt iit rydte ghtyyr te ,hiyiy. adsre itngnh afafare fhtyt. Mhfytrty agdre itit fhyt dkgoyt are dgtp v nrtr. Idfreret ajaj dtr oy pa dhrtr fgatclajdt y atrtrwer kbs agte ,fytyt! Hyrte iyu aget gjtu lblbi hlpas.

Ifhjgyt ghg tioe oppw gjjg yoepr, fyytu epew[q al jgj tpmdu ngyt ooy trepos a…

Udfervditit fgft ototbh elahd nngyt QQ qiif thrtweuaos dlgh mbmbm tii.!

That felt better!!

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