What would we be without imagination?

I live in an attic room. Well technically it is a loft that is right before the attic. But I am just below the roof. My futon is such that if I get up too quickly, I whack myself a good one. I often IMAGINE the ad I would put in a dating site these days.

Single forty-ish man lives in his parent’s attic. No job, no assets, no driver’s license, but he can make ya laugh.

Wow would they be lining up at my door! Anyway, when I am lying in bed looking up at the textured ceiling, it is quite amazing what I will find.


The view from my bed

Every time I look, I mean REALLY look, there is something new to see. Faces. Mystical animals. Adventure stories unfolding. It is almost as good as looking at a cloud filled sky!

What wonders to be found?

They (you know THEM) say that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” That may be true, but IMAGINATION is the father. Need alone does not birth solutions. It takes imagination to find answers where there were none before. Anything is possible with the imagination. And it is only a matter of time before imagination can become reality.

A favorite saying of mine: Nothing is impossible. The “impossible” just takes a little longer.

All one needs is an imagination.

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  1. I really like your point that although necessity may be the mother of invention, imagination is the father. I don’t think I’ll forget that. I happen to be the type who can follow directions to a “T” but creativity birthed by imagination is my weak area. Thanks for a great post. And do you really live in your parents’ attic?

    • Glad you enjoyed! Everyone has the ability to imagine and create. We just need to find the trigger within ourselves 🙂 I do live in a loft room that enters the attic, but it technically is not the actual attic. But it sounds cooler (or at least funnier) to say “in the attic”!

  2. I was afraid to see what I could see in the picture of your technically-not-an-attic-but-attic-sounds-cooler-or-funnier ceiling; is it not true that were I to pick out indvidual items then I would fail the Rorschach Test (is it a pass/fail test, or can one audit without getting credit?)?

    Whatever the case may be, if it were not for imagination, chimps would not be using twigs to get termites out of mounds and humans would not be able to write about it.

    • And should one study for the Rorschach Test? I would probably fail because I would give different answers for the same blot 🙂

      Go chimps!! I feel a great brother-ship with chimps!

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