Heading downstream (100 Word Challenge)

Time to warm up the brain again with another 100 Word Challenge. Here goes:

The sound of the rushing water was an evocative background as the River Guide addressed his brood of travelers. Dark storm clouds on the horizon promised an untoward shift in the journey plans. The air was thick with warning. With a sing song lilt in his voice, he shouted “Pack them well! It’s going to be a wet one!” He went from canoe to canoe, ensuring everyone was prepared for the upcoming weather before they slid into the water. After the last canoe started heading downstream, he slid his own kayak in, with barely a ripple. Their long journey was far from over yet.

0 thoughts on “Heading downstream (100 Word Challenge)

  1. Of course these words are evocative of a certain rainy trip where I never paddled harder than when the lightning crackled and the thunder crashed. I think on that day, and that day only, I was one of the best paddlers on the trip. 😉 (If anyone is interested, I’m the short person in the upper right corner of the photo).

  2. Thank you for reminding me of canoeing in a force 9 gale. It was very scary!! I can imagine your trip!

    • I have done my fair share of canoeing, rain or shine, but have to admit I have never tried it in a force 9 gale 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my little ramble!

  3. Is this going to have more chapters? I think it has the potenbtial for a good extended piece. Love the build up of tension that is always just under the surface. Great to see you on the 100WCGU

    • Hadn’t specifically planned on it, but it is a story I could easily continue. Maybe I will at some point. Glad that I was directed over there. Much to learn from you and the many participants.

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