Grand excuses

I have been absent from blogging for over a week now. Actually absent from life altogether. Fortunately nobody actually noticed I was gone so all is still well with the world. Not that my absence or presence has much effect on the world anyway. 🙂 As is often the case when I take time off for whatever reason, I have to ease my way back in. What better way than the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups? This week’s challenge is a straightforward one (which, as is often the case, are the ones that give me the most trouble of course). This week we are to write 106 words including the phrase:

… I blamed it on the dog…

I think I can manage that. Here goes …

When I am under stress I get dyslexic.

Normally this is no big deal. But when you are trying to cover up an epic mistake; trying to ease the glare of angry parentage and ensure survival until adulthood, it is good to be clear in speech when making THE excuse. For instance when my buddy and I … well let’s just say what we did made the international news. Unfortunately when I blamed it on the dog it totally backfired. For one thing we don’t actually have a dog. And my parents know full well my best friend is a deity.

Dyslexia did not help then!

0 thoughts on “Grand excuses

  1. As for the story – Funny, funnier, funniest! I love having to think for a few seconds to get the joke of the last sentence.

    And your absence – I hope it was for something enjoyable, not something upsetting.

    • I am glad you found it funny. I was worried I might be getting too obscure this time. As for my absence … just a bit of life interfering 🙂

  2. Ha ha! Worked for me two ways – loved the way you meant it with the joke at the end, but also enjoyed it at face value coz it reminded me of the Percy Jackson books.

  3. Absent from life? Now that’s a trick I’d like to learn!
    Of course having a deity as best friend is bound to have its downsides…

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