Flameless flames

I have been in tough place lately. Questioning where I have been; where I am now; where I am going (as can be seen in some of my recent posts). This is making creation a difficult process once again. Yesterday the new 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups appeared with a prompt (The flame flickered before) that seemed to fit oh so well with my musings. Both in a negative and positive way. As a result, I am making two attempts. One reflecting my current state of mind:

Where has my fire gone?
Once it raged within, igniting the soul with passion.
But now it seems so cold.

My soul is shivering.

The fuel remains. Yet the fire has dimmed. Where once a word might spark a fire in another, now it seems a foggy breath. Even passion falls flat, becoming a mere echo of heat.

Where has that fire gone?
How did I let it die? How do I reignite it?
Even wet wood can burn brightly.
What did I do?

The flame flickered before.
Now barely an ember remains.
Where has my fire gone?
How do I get it back?

The other an effort to combat said state of mind:

The flame flickered before our eyes. Each time it licked a log it grew a bit more. The aromatic wood crackled as the flame grew, sending sparks into the clear night sky. I watched the sparks rising into the air, soon disappearing into the star-studded heavens. As the night grew darker, more stars appeared, as if the sparks our fire created were rising into the cosmos and filling it up. The sounds of nature sang to our ears, and a warm feeling of peace began to embrace me. A great sense of pending possibilities began to permeate my very essence.

The future awaits.

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  1. Some thoughts I have…
    The first piece is dark and lonely, very powerful. The second is more open, lyrical, and uplifting. Interesting, to me, is that the first has all “I” in it and all inward imagery. The second tells of “our” fire, “our” eyes, “our” ears, and all the “I” is outward and upward looking.
    Maybe this is a hint that too much time is spent alone and in introspection. Perhaps time is needed in doing things for/with others.
    I hope that what I have written is not offensive to you–if it is please forgive me and delete this comment.

    • Never an offense when someone speaks what they believe, especially so insightfully. You nailed it on the head. Part of what you found was by intent, some of it just happened. And you have definitely hit on one of my personal issues at the moment. Thanks for the sharing your thoughts! 😀

  2. the first is personal, the second is public…more a sharing of memory or perhaps a hope for the future…both are lovely and well done. Thanks!

  3. Two lovely pieces, and great as a combination. Perhaps you could put the last sentence into direct speech / the present tense? “The future awaits.” – It always does, doesn’t it?

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