Conference faux pas

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups has a cool twist to it which actually adds to the fun. This week, the Grown Ups have the exact same prompt as the kids in the original 100 Word Challenge. Pure incentive to actually do our best, since no doubt the kids will put us to shame if we slack at all. We (and anybody who actually reads this) are encouraged not only to read and respond to the adult posts, but the kid’s as well. And hopefully the kids will give us some constructive criticism so we “adults” can improve our skills too!

The actual prompt is : …it wasn’t my fault…

The various gods slowly headed into the conference room with exclamations of curiosity. This was not on the event list! Geb, this year’s host, waited somewhat impatiently for everyone to settle.

“I know this convention is dedicated to earth gods,” he began, “but that is no excuse for irresponsible behavior. We have been informed that an unscheduled earthquake has happened on an unregistered fault line. This total disregard for Earth Management Department regulations is abominable! Who’s fault line was it?” The gods looked at each other with surprise, the occasional “It wasn’t MY fault!” to be heard from an earth god.

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    • I seem to be creating bureaucracies to explain everything haha. The monster face is from a WordPress setting. It automatically assigns pics for those who do not have one of their own. There are several different themes. 😀

  1. Interesting take on the whole “fault” play on words. There have been a few this week that played on the double meaning of the word fault, but none so far has covered it from THIS point of view. (I like the idea of a “divine bureaucracy”. In a fantasy world it might explain why things never happen when we think they should.)

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