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Updating …

Updating …

The other day, when I started the computer I received a notification that a one of the programs I use to keep the computer working smoothly needed an update. I clicked on the link to the update, downloaded it, and installed it, only to find the file I just downloaded ... Read More
Breaking News!!

Breaking News!!

Research says that 98% of people are incapable of thinking for themselves. A highly scientific study proves that most humans are actually naive sheep. It’s true because I used the word scientific and included a cool looking chart with statistics that mean absolutely nothing because they have no context. The fact that ... Read More
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Its true, I swear!! Click here for the proof!

I am going to try this again. I know it is really a vain effort. For one few really read my blogs, and those who NEED to see this would probably ignore it even if they did read it … after all thinking for yourself involves an effort. But rant away I will anyway …

  • Being a celebrity does not make one especially smart. Nor does it give someone sudden expertise in … well … ANYTHING. Therefore, just because a celebrity says it (assuming they actually DID say it and did not just have a picture attached to CLAIM they said it) does not make it true.
  • Being elected to office does not mean one is especially smart. Nor does it give someone sudden expertise in … well … ANYTHING. All it means is that they ran for office, and won. Politicians frequently say what people WANT to hear to achieve their own goals, whatever they may be. Therefore, just because a politician says it does not mean it is true.
  • Being wealthy does not mean one is especially smart. Nor does it give someone sudden expertise in … well … ANYTHING. All it means is that they either managed to earn, or were born into, money. Some wealthy people will say what people WANT to hear to achieve their own goals, which is frequently to make more money. Therefore, just because a wealthy person says it does not mean it is true.
  • Being a college graduate does not mean one is especially smart. And while it may give someone some expertise in certain areas, it does not make one an expert on EVERYTHING . All it means is that they managed to pay for school somehow and passed a bunch of tests. Sure higher degrees mean more levels of expertise, but college graduates can be just as misguided as anyone else. Therefore just because a college graduate says it does not mean it is true.

A few more tips …

  • Statistics are only as good as the source of the statistics and the UNDERSTANDING of the data. If you do not truly know where the stats come from or how to properly interpret them, they are nothing more than numbers. So don’t believe statistics just because they agree with what you WANT to believe. It is a good likelihood that if they are posted with an agenda, then they are meant to convince you of that agenda. While properly understood statistics can’t be ignored, just because someone CLAIMS they are true does not make them true.
  • Adding a picture or video to a claim does not make it true. Nor does randomly associating it with well-known  people.
  • While some are interested in actually informing people of what is going on, MOST media outlets serve two purposes … to make money for their owners by attracting an audience, and to promote the agenda of those same owners. They will say what their intended audience wants to hear, or promote their masters agenda, true or not. Therefore, just because it is on the news does not make it true.
  • The internet is a great source of information. But just because the information is THERE does not mean it is true. It just means someone put some effort into sharing the information.

Once again world … STOP BEING SHEEP!!! Think for yourself. Question. Research. Don’t believe simply because you WANT to. Believe because you did your homework and are properly convinced. Stop letting the selfish and power-hungry dictate how you think!

You were given a mind for a reason. Use it.

”The problem with quotes from the internet is that you can never quite be sure they are genuine’”
– Abraham Lincoln”

By On November 18, 2015 11:41 am

Let’s show those terrorists how strong we are! Let’s lock our doors and hide behind our guns, instead of helping those in need. It’s not that we are AFRAID, mind you, but it is safe to assume a tiny fraction of those refugees might actually be terrorists, so it is just common sense to not let ANY of them in. Besides we have our own issues to deal with. I mean we should help our own homeless folk first. They deserve our help. As long as it is not through welfare, or raising the minimum wage. Especially those poor veterans. You know the ones that we used to actually CREATE the terrorists, but no longer care about because they stopped being human weapons for us so no longer have any value.

By the way those terrorists are really evil. They have no value for life and are plain crazy. I mean who in their right mind would actually die for their beliefs, when they could so easily send other people out there to die for them … and make a huge profit as a result. I will fight to the bank for Democracy, but I am not gonna DIE for it. That’s what the soldiers are for. And killing others for their beliefs … again proof of how crazy they are. I would never do such a thing. That too is what the soldiers are for.

Did I mention that guns don’t kill people, people do. Oh and religions. Religions kill people too. Not people. Don’t blame the gun, but please blame the religion. But don’t worry, you can feel safe. We have plenty of money to spend on defending ourselves from the enemies we created. Well we would if we didn’t spare the occasional penny on those lazy folk who should be getting an education so that they can get a good paying job. It’s not our fault that schools are so expensive that we need to make sure those lazy folk go into debt before they even get a chance to get a job. It’s their fault for not knowing how to properly save money that they don’t have in the first place. To make sure they learn well, we even will charge them fees and such for being poor.

soap-box-1We have the concerns of the public in mind. Every person will be heard. We just happen to hear you better if you have a lot of money to spend. Oh and by person I basically mean any entity that can actually SPEND money. Corporations are people too! Remember, Democracy is about fair representation. We will treat you all equally. Unless you are a woman. Or not born in America. Or living in poverty. Or considered a minority. Or gay. Or believe differently than I do.

Children are our future! They need to be taken care of! Allowed to live! At least until they are born, in which case they risk suddenly become those pesky poor types or soldiers and such, drawing the resources away from defending ourselves from all those nasty terrorist that we are not actually afraid of. Come on people think! How can you not know the truth of things when we so clearly give you made up statistics and propaganda all over the place. It is true if it is said with conviction and some convincing media attached. I would never lie to you just for my own benefit. I lie to you for YOUR benefit!

Yep. Proud to be a human these days.

By On October 12, 2015 9:24 am

A list of Federally recognized holidays:

  1. New Year’s Day: we celebrate a random day in the middle of winter that doesn’t actually start anything except an arbitrary calendar by partying hard and having mega sales.
  2. Martin Luther King Jr Day: we honor a wise and good man by pretending racism is gone and having mega sales.
  3. George Washington’s Birthday / President’s Day: we honor our first president, and to be politically correct ALL presidents (even if they did nothing particularly good for our country) by having mega sales.
  4. Easter (technically a business holiday): we prove that there is a war on Christianity by having 2 out of our 11+ Nationally Recognized holidays being Christian (the ONLY religion actually honored nationally), and celebrate with lots of food, a series of pagan rituals and having mega sales.
  5. Memorial Day: we remember the many soldiers that have died for our country by having barbecues and mega sales.
  6. Independence Day: we celebrate the birth of our nation with barbecues, often illegal fireworks, and having mega sales.
  7. Labor Day: We honor the workers of our nation by making them work overtime for mega sales.
  8. Columbus Day: we honor a dude who accidentally bumped into a well populated and already often visited “New World”, claiming he discovered it, by having mega sales.
  9. Veteran’s Day: We honor the many soldier’s who have not yet died for our country so we can ignore them completely for the other 364 days of the year, by having mega sales.
  10. Thanksgiving Day: we remember the day that we actually thanked the indigenous population for helping a few of us survive before we completely ruined their lives, by having a big meal and having mega sales.
  11. Black Friday (business “holiday”): we have a day devoted to mega sales (we really needed one!!)
  12. Christmas Day: we again prove the war on Christianity by celebrating the non-birthday of a man who may or may not even have existed with lots of food, a series of pagan rituals and having mega sales.

And people wonder why I am a cynic.

true flag

By On October 5, 2015 4:46 pm

Why is it not acceptable to blame easy access to guns for gun violence, but it IS acceptable to blame women for the rape of women?

Why is it frequently the same people having those conflicting thoughts?

Why do (again often the same) people find blaming lack of prayer in schools is a valid explanation, but lack of societal responsibility is not?

Why do people scream that their rights are being violated because someone wants to ensure a dangerous tool only gets in the hands of those who will use it responsibly, yet our right to vote … incidentally the whole reason the constitution was written in the first place … gets violated all the time with out anyone flinching?

Why do I need to REGISTER to actually use my primary right of voting, yet it is perfectly reasonable to not have to register to have use of a device that kills?

Why is it ok to be a hateful bastard when MY religion says it is, but if YOUR religion says so you are terrorists?

Why is it ok to use woman’s breasts to SELL things, but it s not ok to use them to … say … feed a baby (the reason they exist in the first place)?

Why is it so acceptable to pick and choose which aspects of the bible, koran, constitution, etc we choose to follow?

Who is it we fear so much that we need to constantly defend ourselves? And if it is our own government, how can we call ourselves patriotic if we want to take down our government?

Why don’t people use their own heads, and actually THINK about what they are saying, instead of allowing those with personal agenda’s and LOTS of money TELL us how to think?

Why do we think new laws will fix anything, when the only people who OBEY the laws are the ones who don’t need them? Why do we find it reasonable that the only answer to violence is more violence?

Why is it US and THEM?

Seriously. Why?

An ode to Black Friday

An ode to Black Friday

‘Twas the night after Thanksgiving, when all through the land, Rabid creatures were stirring, the time for shopping was at hand; The lines began building outside the stores, In hopes that shoppers would be first through the doors; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While parents began ... Read More
A look in the mirror

A look in the mirror

New Colossus Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The ... Read More
Let me get this straight … a dialogue

Let me get this straight … a dialogue

Guess who: Why did you get pregnant in the first place? Woman: My insurance company will not pay for birth control. I can’t afford it on my own. Guess who: Well you shouldn’t be having sex before marriage. Woman: I can’t marry my partner. I am gay. Guess who: Then you shouldn’t be having children ... Read More