The theme of the moment in my life seems to be boundaries … and pushing past them. This theme has totally infiltrated me in all ways, whether the choices I make or the creations that are born within me lately. This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups fits right in with this theme, or at least works well with the trend of my mind anyway. This week the prompt is a wonderful picture …

and my creation …

Most people who live in the land of Tootone are quite content. Their lives are very easy, very clear-cut. Decisions are usually very simple, so no stress. But a few of the Tootonians, those who live on the border of the land known as Argeebee, have learned something about discontentment. Aregeebee is just on the other side of the River Ranebeau, and those who live near that river can see how different that land is. It is not uncommon to see Tootonians looking across the Ranebeau, sometimes with looks of wonder or even longing.

But few ever cross it.

7 thoughts on “Borders

  1. I love how so many of us seem to be taking this image into the world of fantasy. I wonder what it is about this beautiful picture that encourages that? Nicely done.

  2. hahaha I love the literal interpretation of the shadow in the foreground versus the light across the river. Can’t work out Argeebee – I know it must be something clever like Tootone and Ranebeau. Very clever take and sadly true.

    • I thought the Argeebee reference might be a bit obscure. It comes from a common color mapping scheme … RGB, or Red Green Blue. Pretty much all colors can be made as combinations of these three. I am glad you enjoyed 🙂

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