It has been over a month since I mentioned that I was actually going to work on two books, and in that month I barely made any progress on either. I slipped into one of those “Why am I bothering?” modes. Do I really think I can sell a book, let alone two and actually make some money doing it? But beyond that I have just been lacking motivation for life in general.

This last week I decided to stop wasting away again and regain control over my destiny. I even made an excel sheet to track my progress of actually living. Sadly there is not much progress yet, but baby steps. Anyhow as part of it, I retyped, my older story in a more functional document, and in the process did some re-writing and actually have some ideas for furthering the story. And while I was working on that one I also got some more ideas for the new story. It dawned on me that I am really writing these books to tell some tales that want to be told. If they happen also to make some money that would be  great, but really not the only goal. So it seems the plan for writing two at once might actually work after all. Write one consciously while the subconscious works on the other. Anyhow I figured I would share for anyone who is actually interested in my progress. New updates on both books to be expected shortly for my test audience (if they still so desire).

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  1. I think you are doing just what you need to be doing. Don’t focus on the selling, focus on the writing and telling the stories that need to be told. I’m currently taking an on-line course about publishing, especially self-publishing or e-publishing vs. traditional, and the one thing that they keep emphasizing is the importance of writing GOOD books. That’s the best thing to do.

    • The money issue only catches my attention when I remember that I have had nor real income for a very long time and can’t actually afford to do even the simplest things. But methinks you are right. I just need to concentrate on making some good stories for the value of the story!

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