A quick update on book progress. I finally got off my arse and started writing again. Made more progress in story development than words but still progress. Rayson’s tale is about to get exciting. Gusty’s story was more about fine tuning and error removal with the help of a friend’s careful eye. All in all I am actually proud of myself today 🙂

Progress Reports:

  • RAYSON’S story
  • Previous word count:    44263
  • Chapter:     13
  • Current word count:      45507
  • Chapter:      14
  • GUSTY’S story
  • Previous word count:     22333
  • Chapter:      16     
  • Current word count:      22364
  • Chapter:      16

0 thoughts on “Book update time!

  1. Congratualtions!

    Are you providing any snipits? What are the stories about…I haven’t been on blogs in about 3 months…so I’m sure I missed something somewhere. Remember, I’m the crazy lady from Sept-Dec. Both kids birthdays, etc. I can’t even think…just hang on and hope I don’t fall off…plus we’re doing all that darn 2nd grade homework.

    So, here I am…inserting myself into your life again…hopefully, the next few months I’ll be actively blogging and reading other posts.

    this progress report is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Hope your sister is doing well!

    lake Forest, CA

    • I have not been all that active either reading other blogs or posting myself lately either. So no worries!

      There are a few snippets already here, and I was just considering the possibility of more. I will post in a day or two maybe 🙂

      Lisa is enjoying a creative trip to Slovakia at the moment, so I am temporarily Uncle Mom!

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