I took a long hiatus on my book projects … much longer than I realized and certainly much longer than I had any plan of doing. For multiple reasons I have found myself both supremely unmotivated and uninspired in continuing either of my books in the last couple of months. Not sure what exactly changed today (other than a dare/challenge from a friend), but I pumped a thousand or so words out on one of the stories tonight. Hopefully this will be the kick I need to find my rhythm again.

Progress Reports:

  • RAYSON’S story
  • Previous word count:    49567
  • Chapter:     14 Finished
  • Current word count:      52134
  • Chapter:      15 Finished?
  • GUSTY’S story
  • Previous word count:     22363
  • Chapter:      16     
  • Current word count:      24241
  • Chapter:      17 Finished

0 thoughts on “Been far too long …

  1. Food for thought…write a picture book!! LOL
    I’m not poking fun at you. It’s quite impressive that your work in progress is so humongous. Stay the course. 15 & 17 chapters is a large investment. Good luck. I’m a wanna be writer. But that’s a secret. No works in progress. It’s all in my head.

    • Not a bad idea really haha. One of the books has very small chapters and has been in progress for years so really not all that impressive 🙂 But thank you!

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