Attaboy Georgie!

After a holiday break, the world-famous 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups once again returns. Apparently the powers behind it well benefited from the rest, because the new challenge is a doozy! In honor of the birth and death of some dude named Shakespeare (I am taking my life in my hands I know), we are to write a sonnet. Ideally a sonnet about St George and the Dragon, since it is also his day.

My first reaction to the suggestion was to scream in horror and dive under my desk.

As much as I was waiting for the prompt today, this is the first one I was seriously tempted to pass by. While I academically “know “what a sonnet is  … I basically have no clue what a sonnet is. And poetry is one of those things that stumps me completely.

So of course being the stubborn cuss that I am and being a pro at biting of more than I can chew I figured why not go ahead and try. So I looked up sonnet on the internet, thoroughly read a couple of information filled articles about them, and … still have no idea what a sonnet actually is. So I tried to channel my inner Bill. And realized I don’t have an inner Bill. Not an auspicious start.

The only thing I have going for me is a sense of rhythm and an ability to rhyme … sort of. So I guess that will have to be enough. Here goes:

Well, in the jungle, the mighty jungle
Many a beastie is sure to be found.
But our chronicler has made a bungle.
For in these lands no jungle is around.
Though one beastie did once wander these shores,
A beast that filled many a soul with fear.
Locals, tired of hiding behind closed doors,
Sent (loud) word out for any heroes near.
A brave lad named George did answer the call.
He proudly stomped forward, thumping his chest.
A small lad really, not at all that tall.
“I will” he said. “The Creature I will best!”
To the shock of many, he did just that.
Earning George’s back a well deserved pat.

0 thoughts on “Attaboy Georgie!

  1. You’re reaction was almost exactly the same as mine…but then you rose to the challenge so much better than I did. This one really made me giggle – I love “A small lad really, not at all that tall” !

    • I actually had fun writing this, though I am not sure it can really be classified as a sonnet. I did manage to get the syllable count right though. I loved yours!

  2. Oh well done! My feelings about it were similar- always love a challenge but this really was one.
    You have managed to inject a good sense of humour in to it as well- I was very het up trying to get the word count right and although I did that, the rhythm doesn’t flow as well as yours (I am just a teensy bit envious!!)

  3. I’m so sorry to have caused you angst but I’m glad you worked through the pain because this is great & the pat is being aimed at YOUR back! Next week will be easier – promise!

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