Around the Fire

Can you feel the pull?

My sister is creating a magical being capable of revealing how our stories intertwine. The Storyteller invites all to sit around the campfire; to join her in entering the realm of possibility.

Not only does this open my soul’s eyes to future possibilities, but it is bringing back past stories as well. All stories are part of the whole.

So I am combining some pictures from my past with a poem written long ago, and joining my sister around the campfire to share something new. Enjoy!

The night gracefully fills the void left by the retiring day.
Fairies begin a chaotically patterned dance of glee.
The scions of imagination are carried by a gentle breeze towards a distant world.
A soul tries to follow hampered only by the chains of mortality.
A question hangs in the air seeking attention.
With the answer, one journey will end and another will begin.

0 thoughts on “Around the Fire

    • I read your storyteller posts. Then I did one of those random searches on my blog and came up with that poem. That was eerie enough. I wanted to create something with fire pics to go with both that poem and what you are creating, and in my search ran across that series of pics. And it seemed that was your story right before my eyes. Talk about the universe speaking to us. Not sure which of us the message is for though 😉

  1. Everytime I read your posts, I take away something. This time, you struck a chord that I in no way expected; great poem and the imagery accompanying was just as compelling. I was immediatelt drawn to this particular entry after reading the introdcutory paragraph in my subscription list.

    • I am glad I can move in that way. The theme of this creation seems to be one that strikes a chord with many. As I said my sister’s use of similar imagery that prompted this to come into being. Thanks for the affirmation that we are not alone! 🙂

  2. I can’t tell where I am! Taochild? I tried posting at your blog re your wonderful poem and only get a black screen. So, doesn’t matter as long. You get this. Sanded of your sister, sweet thing. You are so able to tell the story. Right up there with your sister, with some kind of spiritual umbilicord. Yes.

    • We are linked on many levels. One of those complete each other’s thoughts occasionally links. Uncanny sometimes. Thanks for stopping by, and the sentiment is much appreciated … even if I was not quite sure what sanded of mean 😀

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