April Fool’s Day Eve

Every significant world acknowledged holiday has its mascots.

For example:

  • Christmas: Santa, Frosty, Rudolph … to name the first few that pop into my mind. And oh yeah that Jesus fella (I apologize to any that this offends, but I could not resist).
  • Easter: da bunny.
  • St Patty’s Day: leprechauns.
  • Valentine’s Day: Cupid.
  • Halloween: Jack ‘o lanterns, Ichabod Crane, The Great Pumpkin.
  • April Fool’s Day: um …  the … no that’s not it. Maybe it’s … no that’s not it either. Oh Oh! I sense a serious disturbance in The Force!!

This must be remedied!! So without further ado (actually I am pretty sure without any ado … what is ado anyhow?) I would like to introduce:



This fearsome prankster, the child of a very persuasive jack rabbit and a very near sighted antelope, wanders the world inspiring folk to feats of never before seen silliness. Some fear having a black cat cross their path. Be thankful it is not Bob. Or maybe be thankful if it IS Bob. After all, we all can use a good laugh!


P.S. Click HERE if you would like to learn more about Jackalopes.

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