Anybody want to help me create an adventure story?

I’ll even start it:

I (<– insert self here) got out of bed this morning.

The rest is up to you (or is that me?)

Bet it will be a great story!!

0 thoughts on “Anybody want to help me create an adventure story?

  1. I got out of bed this morning.
    The room was dark and still; even the relentless highway was silent.

    [Your move]

  2. The sunlight slanted across the parking lot, picking out the spots of chrome on the rusty facade of Sleazy Joe’s Diner and casting long shadows on the dusty ground. Two men stood smoking by a parked pickup truck looking idly up the road. I felt a slight unease creep up to my shoulders. I dropped the curtain back at glanced round the motel room.

    • “Here we go again” ran through my mind. I gathered my things together, ensuring the package was securely placed in my bag. So much for having a big breakfast!

  3. The back of the motel was hemmed in by the tall, ragged skeletons of wood panel fences that been battered to submission by the desert winds. I wriggled out of the window and slid it shut as best I could using the heel of my palm on the glass. Morning air was surprisingly cold and I pulled up the collar of my jacket as I ducked through a gap in the fencing onto the service road at the rear.

    • Any vestiges of sleep were gone from my head. The thrill of what I was doing again began to take hold of me. Who knew that such a small thing could have so much significance to the world? An who could have imagined that I off all people would end up being it’s guardian. It still boggled my mind! And still made me a little frightened.

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