Alliteration allows annunciation of agreeable articles. Always an amazing activity.

But before I begin blathering…

Perhaps people prefer proper passages.

Maybe my mind must moderate its motivations. Hmmmmmmm.

I clearly can’t cooperate.

Damn! Desire demands dastardly deeds! I dare not deny desire’s demands …

A tortured tongue tries to tell tall tales!

When will the willing waste of words weaken its withering war? Well … we wonder …

The gathering glares of my great guests give me guilt.

“Seriously. Stop!” say some, seeming sincere.

Hating to hurt, I hastily halt.

Feel free to forgive. I’m finally finished!

0 thoughts on “Alliteration

  1. Hookaayy… that was quite an amusing ramble!
    I don’t think I can alliterate… I’m probably too illiterate for that…

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