A puzzle for the Solver

Those who have wondered the wastelands of my blogs, especially the more creative posts, might notice that I have a tendency to think outside the box a tad. I often take the effort to shift things just so, and create things that are not quite how some might expect. When it comes time to do the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, I frequently try that much harder to be “different”. Some weeks more successfully than others.

However, much of the time the prompts themselves are rather unique, making stepping out of the box more of a challenge since they are not in the box in the first place. This week’s challenge is a perfect example! The challenge … to add 100 words to the phrase:

‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice …

But there is an additional twist. For the last ten words must be usable for someone to start NEXT WEEK’S challenge! I have already whipped out an attempt, though I am not sure I am happy with it. But no idea is a complete waste in my mind, so I will share it. Maybe I will grow to like it more, or maybe later on I will come up with another. Hope some enjoy!

Alice was a Solver. When the Elders came across a ‘thingummy’ that did not quite fit in the ‘whatsit’, they came to Alice to figure it out. They all had faith in her ability to figure out the most obscure puzzles. So naturally when they came across an ‘instruction manual’ in the old Wizard’s pile of curiosities, a manual with the strangest of titles, they immediately brought it to Alice. At first glance, even she was a bit stumped. What an odd thing to call it! “What was THE RABBIT LATE for,” wondered Alice.

Alice didn’t know what a curious little adventure she was about to begin!

0 thoughts on “A puzzle for the Solver

    • Is continuation necessary? I understood that the last ten words are just a prompt … no that the story must continue. A judgment for the experts I guess 🙂

    • I think there is a lot of possibility with it if someone chooses to use it. Thanks. That was actually the hardest part of writing this haha

    • Actually the last ten words were those in red … “what a curious little adventure she was about to begin!” Glad you enjoyed. Will swing by and look at yours now 🙂

      • You would think that red catches the eye. I read it the first time but as I writing the comment, I scrolled back up to reread the end and totally overlooked the actual ending. Got to have my eyes checked. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my page.

    • That did make for an interesting twist on the prompt. But who knows, with the creative folk we have here anything might work. Glad you liked!

    • I created a Blogger blog with the express purpose of commenting on Blogger blogs, and was going to comment on your blog first, but I still for the life of me have no clue how to make a comment. Doesn’t see me as being logged in even though I now actually have a Blogger blog. Insanity I tells ya! But I like your post (if you happen to see this), and think the end is actually pretty workable as a prompt 😀

  1. Oh you have been so kind to the writer for next week. What a fabulous beginning to have. I love the idea of looking at the puzzle aspects of Carroll’s Alice. I’m not sure how successful she was but it is a great take on the prompt! Thanks Steve!

    • I was not really thinking of Alice as being Carroll’s Alice (even though he was all about puzzles). But I did put effort into that ending. Glad it works! 🙂

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