A productive(?) day…

I spent the day working on the new site I have promised to some. It is still in development but I am going to introduce it here now. Frankly this site is still in development as well. Guess it is the nature of the beast. Anyway, I would like to introduce you to THE NINJA CAT JOURNALS … a site dedicated to the hilarity that sneaks up in every day life…

Image by Steve Kramer

I actually did make that image. Took me several hours, and taught me the fundamentals of using Gimp. All in all an active day, if not a productive one. Feedback, suggestions, or even contributions welcome!

0 thoughts on “A productive(?) day…

  1. That’s what I’m talking about…the cats are awesome!

    I love the “open mouth” of the right, front cat.

    Yes, I have found to make images interesting and link to everything, really makes 1 blog post tend to take all day. I’m getting quicker, and so will you!

    It was productive. people who work on their blogs, the effort shows and fans accrue.


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