A (mostly) wordless post.

Todays adventure. The pics say it all.

Except …

Who?: My sister Lisa and her daughter Sarah

and …

Where?: Blue Hills, MA and outside of my parents house in Bridgewater, MA


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  1. The landscaping was beautiful. I just love Fall anyway, and bet this time of year is just breathtaking in New England. I’ve always wanted to get ‘up’ that way and never have. I tell everyone if there is such a thing as reincarnation then I lived a previous life in Massachusetts because I feel drawn to it and always have. Hmm…could I have been a witch? Ha..ha..

    • This time of year IS beautiful, and all seem tho think this season will be especially so. If it ever actually starts that is! There could be worse things to have once been than a witch

  2. Yeah, I know…being ME right now. But no, seriously, I’ve always heard if you are passionate about a place or subject that you are unfamiliar about and should really have no reason to be ‘that’ interested in, then it’s a sign that it was a part of your previous life (If you believe in that kind of thing, and I’m not so sure if I really do, but…). I just know I have a strong Christian background, have always been deterred from anything that has to do with that kind of thing, have no relatives or friends to speak of in that area, but my entire life I have been obsessed with Massachusetts and the Salem witch trials. Hmm..maybe I’m just nuts, huh?

    • Ha! I believe that if you are that drawn to something, then there is a reason. It could just as easily be resonance from the past as recognition of future possibilities. Either way worth exploring …

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