A challenge has been offered…

So my sister, the newly awakened master blogger in the making (creator of the renowned Woman Wielding Words and the developing Writing Practice: Perfecting Prose and Poetry), challenged me, a mere novice in the blogging world, to a blogging challenge. I have entered the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which is a true challenge for me in several ways. For one, that requires I remember the alphabet. But tougher than that, I have to actually commit to writing not only on command, but every day. Why is this a challenge for me? Well I never really wrote that way before. Writing for me has always been something that springs forth. And idea forms, and the universe uses me as a vessel to let the idea grow. When I try to guide that creation, I feel that I fall flat. And on top of that, it happens when inspiration hits, not because I choose to make it happen. Or so it has been.

So by accepting this challenge, I not only have to make myself write regularly. I have to make myself create. I am getting a head start by forcing myself to create something daily, though admittedly it may not always take the form of writing. And to aid me further in this endeavor, my sensei (did I spell sister wrong again?) has also introduced me to other blogging gods and goddesses, that I may learn from the pros.  Such masters as Ahhsome, reinventing the event horizon, THE IDIOT SPEAKETH, athursdayschild,and reinventing the event horizon to name the first few she pointed me towards. Those few who actually view my stuff at the moment would find a journey to said pages well worth the trip.

So this is today’s effort at a daily post, though I also spent much of the day working on my other passion, namely photography (take a look here if you would like a look). Who knows, maybe I am actually on the path to creation as a way of life. I look forward to see where my current path takes me!

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  1. “Renowned” HA HA HA! This morning I woke up thinking I have nothing to say and my blogs are useless. I’m glad you’ve taken up the challenge, however.

    • I am often wondering why I am doing it too. But I guess if even one person reads and gets something from it it serves a purpose…even IF that person is actually only yourself…

  2. Nicely done! So stoked you’re entering the A-Z challenge! Since you aren’t sure when the writing bug will strike, start making notes now. On Outlook, there is a note area, and I made post its for each letter and topic. Some I’m satisfied with and other’s I’m not. You can type up stuff in your blog now and “schedule” them to release a certain day/time.

    Sorry, it’s been awhile since I visited last. I’m going to look to see what I missed, Steve! I have to get to know you better so I can be hit with “inspiration” and create a fun blog post to officially welcome you to my Ahhsome Neighborhood. I like to try and make them personal to the blogger, as best as I can. It all depends on what they share in their blog and comments made on mine!

    Keep on stopping by and making comments on people blogs, as that’s the only way to get them clicking to yours and responding! People will read!

    My husband is considering joining the blogging world. I’m encouraging him so that he can better understand what I’m doing. He’s so witty…more people will probably respond to him and I’ll be jealous! 🙂 Hmmm..

    It’s nice that you are home with mom to help her with dad. Although that’s your dad, that’s her spouse. Her other half and it must be so difficult losing the person you married and/or not having them remember you. Reminds me of that movie “Notebook” with James Garnder and Jenna something. So sad to love someone so much and not have them remember!


    • It will definitely be interesting! Thanks for the hints. Lisa said something similar….just goes to show great minds.. etc. The checking out other’s blogs and commenting already seems to be paying off a bit. This journey will sure be a fun one!

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