A Book Is Born

Sadly for lack of real estate, Friend Pete is losing her premium blogview space on my menu bar. Gone from the menu bar but far from forgotten (she still has prime real estate on my other menus). Why is poor Pete getting ousted?

Because my friends, in a fit of delusional vigor, I have decided to write a book!

From this point on I will reserve this space for book related nonsense. In between writing, I of course plan to do more writing. After all I am addicted. And have gone and created two blogs. Can’t go and disappoint my 5 steady groupies!!

I will occasionally post updates as to progress and the trials and tribulations of a fledgling writer under the category  The Unfolding Story. And I am reserving this space as a landing zone in case I have to call in reinforcements. Might even do odd things like post excerpts, ask for suggestions, randomly rant; whatever may be necessary to make this thang happen.

When I first formally decided to actually get off my arse and create a book (at the time if this writing all of two days ago) I was not really sure What I was going to write. It is tough answering the question “What you writing about?” as I proudly announced my intentions when I didn’t actually know. I was torn between something a started while I was recovering from my car accident, something that emerged as a result of a dream, and something completely new and not yet actually born in this crazy mind of mine.

However, I had another fit of dream writing this morning, and it seems dream originated stories have won the toss. To catch a glimpse of what is coming feel free to look at THIS 

Last time a saw my amazing niece Sarah (daughter of the equally amazing Lisa of Woman Wielding Words fame), she took a cell phone pic of me that was promptly dubbed my “author” pic. Seems it might be possible I will have an actual use for it after all!

As I get further along into this book, it of course becomes more and more challenging. I am having periods when I am having difficulty writing. Often more from lack of motivation than lack of story. But sometimes I am not sure where to go with the story. I sometimes find that by working on something else, I shift gears, allowing the story to percolate in the background, so that when I sit down to it again it is fresh. Because of this, I have also begun working on another story. One I started years ago. I have a few clips of it on this site too (Here and here). I will flip between these two stories, and keep progress reports here for any interested.

Progress Reports:

  • RAYSON’S story
  • Previous word count:    71375
  • Chapter:     21 
  • Current word count:      72397
  • Chapter:      21 Finished
  • GUSTY’S story
  • Previous word count:     26569
  • Chapter:      19 Finished     
  • Current word count:      27724
  • Chapter:      20 Finished