This is officially my 200th post on this blog.

In honor of this achievement, I want to write this amazing post that will WOW! my regular readers. A post so outstanding that everyone will want to share it with not just two friends, but maybe even three friends. And they will share it with three friends, and each of them will share it with three friends, … etc. A post that will change the world.

Unfortunately I’ve got nothing. The mind is a blank. Echoes can be heard from a mere whisper in my ear. If you are not quite clear what I am saying, I have no ideas. So, as I typically do when drawing a blank, I am just starting the fingers wandering over the keyboard and we will see what emerges. Who knows. Maybe someone might actually enjoy it.

Clackity, clackity clack.

Nope. Still nothing.

I am going to eat a bagel.



0 thoughts on “200th post!!

  1. congrats on your 200th post! I only hope to blog that much. Your post definitely gave me a laugh, I know how it is not knowing what to say sometimes.

  2. Happy 200th! I hope for your sake that you’re putting something on that bagel…. like a pound of cream cheese….. and maybe some pepperoni…and jalapenos…. man…now I’m hungry!

    • Is there any other way to eat a bagel? I still need to get into the pool if it is not too late. I have been severely slacking in my blogly duties as of late.

  3. THANK YOU. See, I actually helped by giving you a post to write! 🙂
    HOT DAWG! It’s strange what brings readers to a site, and what motivates them to comment.

    I have no idea where I’m at on my stats of posts. I don’t think I’m at 200 yet…you passed me! Congratulations!

    Thanks for listening the other day. I’m still very frustrated and wondering how we’ll get through this school year. Thankfully, we have a week off, and will need to review many things in that time frame. I’m so exhausted and done with school! 🙁

    • I can understand being so annoyed and having so much to say that you can’t say it. I have faith the words will come eventually. In the mean time I am glad to help as I am able 🙂

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